Shaun McKay on the Role of Leading Through Crisis

Shaun McKay

December 11, 2020

Dr Shaun L McKay leadership

Leading Through Crisis is a Skill and Shaun McKay Knows This Is Critical Today

Today, the presidents of academic institutions are facing many challenges. Numerous students are more vulnerable than ever in the face of the pandemic. Some students risk losing their jobs, meaning that they might not have the funds to attend school. With a lack of internet connections, computers, and equipment, they also run the risk of losing their scholarships in addition to wondering where their next meal is going to come from. This is where crisis leadership is critical. As an expert in the field, Shaun McKay is here to discuss this topic and help everyone make it through this difficult time in the world.

Shaun McKay Suggests Organizing Teams in an Efficient Manner

Nobody can be expected to make important decisions independently, so it is vital to organize teams efficiently to gather the right information during this time. For example, Shaun McKay believes that schools might benefit from organizing a Coronavirus Advisory Team made up of health professionals and academic leaders. There may be other teams required to address other issues, such as how students will learn during this difficult time. Shaun McKay believes that with the formation of teams, there will be a clear division of duties that will make the process easier to handle.

Shaun McKay on the Goal of Leaving Nobody Behind

Shaun McKay believes that nobody should ever be left behind. This includes not only the students but the staff as well. Remember that there are people who depend on the school to lead during times of crisis. By leaving nobody behind, Shaun L. McKay knows that the school will endear itself to its people and community. Remember that there are thousands of students who are already requesting aid. The institution needs to act now to figure out how it will be able to meet calls for help.

Shaun McKay Talks About the Importance of Making Timely Decisions

During this time, Shaun McKay believes that one of the biggest challenges people in this field will face involves making clear, and timely decisions. There are many quick decisions that leaders will have to make, including deciding whether to go public regarding viral testing, how to distribute technology quickly, and deciding whether to pay people for hours when they couldn’t come in physically. Shaun L. McKay knows that some schools and universities are even thinking about changing the grading system. Revising these traditional models is not easy, but people are looking up to educational presidents for leadership. Therefore, making quick and intentional decisions is critical during these uncertain times.