The Academic Publishments of Dr. Shaun L. McKay

Shaun McKay

October 12, 2020

Shaun McKay Explores Vital Topics in Education Through His Academic Publishments

Many who participate in education depend on publishing academic papers to address important topics. It ensures that peers understand where a person stands. It also helps to highlight some of the issues that educational facilities are dealing with. Dr. Shaun L. McKay, the former President at Suffolk County Community College, has published various articles to address concerns.

Based in Selden, New York, Shaun McKay has worked in higher education administration for over two decades. Through his time as President and even Director of Planning, he has identified issues that have plagued educational facilities around the United States.

In March 2018, Shaun McKay published an article entitled, “Reflecting Diversity Everywhere.” This was published in the Community College Journal. Another article, “Strategic Planning and Retention within the Community College Setting” was published in the College Student Affairs Journal.

Many of the publications of Shaun McKay focus on the student demographics and how they can change. These, combined with challenging economic conditions, require community colleges to explore student retention strategically. By creating strategies, community colleges can thrive, and students can get the affordable education they need.

Shaun McKay is quick to identify that community colleges struggle with external forces that many four-year colleges deal with – social services, healthcare systems, and more. It can lead to reduced funding as well as more scrutiny from the public.

When Shaun McKay works to publish articles that focus on some of the issues that plague community colleges, he will often write with others, including Evon Washington Walters. The two worked on the strategic planning article, highlighting many of the components involved in creating an effective strategic planning process.

Since Shaun McKay has been heavily involved in leadership throughout the higher education environment, he constantly shares his insight and knowledge. In 2014, he published “Voices of Leadership” within the Leadership Journal for Post-Secondary Leaders. Shaun McKay continues to share his philosophy on leadership and says, “I believe my leadership style is that of empowerment and transformation.”

While some people would believe that community colleges don’t provide the same education level as a four-year college, Shaun McKay is the first to argue that. He believes that a community college is capable of providing character, commitment, and collaboration. He focuses on ways to teach students how to be successful leaders, including representing their core beliefs.

As Shaun McKay continues to identify issues of importance throughout community colleges and higher education as a whole, he will publish new articles. It allows him to share his opinions and collaborate with others in his field to ensure that missions are shared appropriately.