Shaun L. McKay Discusses the Benefits of Integrated Planning and How It Works

Shaun McKay

November 19, 2020

Shaun L. McKay

Integrated Planning is an Important Model in the Modern Era, and Shaun L. McKay Is Here To Talk about How it Works

Today, it is important for all organizations to have a wide degree of transparency when it comes to not only their plans but also their results. This is one of the main ways that academic institutions and their clients will have any confidence in the organization’s future performance. This is where integrated planning proves to be incredibly helpful. Shaun L. McKay is an expert in integrated planning, and he is here to discuss how this process works and its benefits, and how organizations are going to be able to put these plans into action.


Shaun L. McKay on the Major Challenges Facing Academic Institutions Today

Shaun L. McKay knows that universities are facing significant challenges today. The rising cost of education is making it harder for students to strive for an education, and universities are feeling the financial burden. With the hypercompetitive nature of the academic world today, some schools and universities will struggle to keep up. This is where integrated planning can be beneficial. With the help of experienced professionals such as Shaun L. McKay, schools will improve how they address these challenges and be able to place themselves in a better position.


Shaun L. McKay Explains the Process of Integrated Planning

To use integrated planning, schools will have to first take a look at their institutional mission and vision. Then, they need to look at their objectives. The school will then perform an initial assessment of meeting these goals and using this to inform their operational planning and resource allocation. After this, Shaun L. McKay believes that organizations will have to perform a thorough assessment and evaluation. This should focus on learning, improving, and delivering judgment on the quality of the outcome. Assessments should occur continuously, offering an opportunity for feedback. Evaluation should occur periodically, documenting strengths and weaknesses. Both of these processes must go hand in hand to drive their success..


Shaun L. McKay on the Future of Academic Institutions

With integrated planning from people like Shaun L. McKay, academic institutions will be in a much better position to respond to changes in the environment while also keeping the best interests of their students at heart. While there will be significant challenges facing these schools in the future, integrated planning will allow educational institutions to close the loop by performing interventions to improve their processes. With this regular assessment and revision process, Shaun L. McKay believes that schools and universities will be in a much better position moving forward.